PI Kuznetsov V,

Introduction of modern technology on the basis of frequency converters in the industry and water supply. Production of automatic control stations with pumps. The modernization of industrial equipment.


:# 000000; ">:# 000000;'> Cupboards and;pump control panels.

:# 000000;">; Automatic pump control station (Asun) based on the drive - the most effective way of saving water supply wells for the automation and control pumps.

The station (cabinet) controls:

  1. The frequency converter (inverter), included in control circuit and provides a performance management pumps.
  2. Electroautomatika;ensuring execution of the specified control algorithm that implements the functions of control and frequency converter and a group of magnetic starters.
  3. Line choke, which protects the drive from the impact of changes in the parameters of supply voltage.
  4. Motor choke, which protects the engine.
  5. The group of magnetic power switching contactors.
  6. External pressure sensor and pressure gauge electrocontact.

;  Execution:
The system is located in the control panel degree of protection not less than IP34, having valves on the front side display and control.

Key features:

  1. Maintaining a given, stable output pressure of one or a group of pumps, automatic and manual mode.
  2. Change the value of fixed output pressure settings after a specified period of time.
  3. Setting the level of line pressure from the control panel cabinet.
  4. Condition monitoring of motor current consumption.
  5. Control over the work station and giving signals:
    • ;inverter failure;
    • indication of the working pump;   
    • ;failure of any of the pumps.
  6. ;Re-switch after loss and restoration of the supply voltage.

The control station provides:

  • Energy savings and reduction in water consumption.
  • Limiting inrush currents in the network.
  • Increased resource Motor.
  • Exclusion of water hammer in the trunk.
  • The possibility of increasing pressure in water mains.

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